1.DYC Show Report

The first four placings in each class are named – except in the puppy class which has only the best puppy in show.


(The age specified here must be always completed.)

 Puppy class:

 at the age of 6 to 9 months

 Junior class:

 at the age of 9 to 18 months

 Intermediate class:

 from the age of 15 to 24 months

 Open class:

 from the age of 15 months

 Champion class:

 from the age of 15 months (not with the title »Junior Champion«)

 Honour class:

 from the age of 15 months (not with the title »Junior Champion«
 and »1.DYC Club-Champion«)

 Veteran class:

 from the age of 8 years

The awards are:


 J-CAC (-R)

 Award for the 1.DYC Junior Champion (-Reserve)

 CC (-R)

 Award for the 1.DYC Champion (-Reserve)

 CAC (-R)

 Award for the German Champion (-Reserve)


 Award for the International Champion (-Reserve)


 Award for the International and German Champion (-Reserve)

The awards for the German Champion / VDH and the 1.DYC Club Champion are not named because they go automatically with the CAC.

Grades and Placings:
V (= excellent), Sg (= very good), g (= good), Ggd (=satisfactory), Uggd (= not satisfactory).
In the Honour- and Veteran-Classes no marc is given, only placings.
In the Puppy Class only a rating is given V V (= very promising),
Vspr (= promising) und Wvspr (= not promising). No placings are made.

Additional Honours are:
BOB (= Best of Breed), 
BIS (= Best in Show), BOS (= Best of Opposite Sex), BJH (= Best Junior Dog).

Exhibitor respectively breeder/owner:
B: (= breeder), Z+B: (=breeder and owner)

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