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 Gallery 11 (from April 2000)

 Gallery 12 (from October 2001)

 Gallery 13 (from January 2004)

 Gallery 14 (from January 2005) 

 Gallery1 5 (from January 2006) 

 Gallery 16 (from January 2007) 

 Gallery 17 (from January 2008) 

 Gallery1 8 (from January 2009) 

 Gallery 19 (from January 2010) 

 Gallery 10 (from January 2011) 

 Gallery 11 (from January 2012) 

 Gallery 12 (from January 2013) 

 Gallery 13

The photos in the picture gallery are accommodations of Yorkie lovers and therefore not always perfectly.
Please, pictures of digital cameras in actual size, do not treat and no pictures of photo mobile phones!

The newest pics are at the end of the gallery (Click »End« in the gallery)



Please take into account: By the sending in of a photo you approve of a free publication utilization in the media

of the publishing house. Use and publication of the pictures only by approval of the YTJ.