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By nature the Yorkie is neither a lapdog nor a yapper

It does not matter which breed or size a dog is, it will only be made into a lapdog by man, never by nature. What do you think a German Shepherd or a Great Dane would be like if you took him on your lap at every opportunity? He would become naughty and suffer because of the restriction on his freedom of movement, just the same as a small one.

Also it is not correct that all Yorkies are yappers. If you encourage your new puppy to bark when first you bring it in to your home then the puppy will soon learn to bark to amuse you. It is your job to bring up your puppy properly and to educate it with care.

by nature the yorkie is neither a lapdog nor a yapper

By the way: The red ribbon in the crest, the Yorkie's "brand", does not have its origin in a desire to make the Yorkshire Terrier look sweet and doll faced. Even in the early days the long hair was tied up with woolen threads in order to avoid irritating the eyes. By chance these threads were red and this has remained till the present day. Only a few breeders and exhibitors hold onto this tradition and never use prepared bows stiched to plastic hair slides.

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