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Issue No. 40 – What's inside


our christmas story: the old watchdog.

Harro, the old watchdog was around
10 or 12 years old when he was no further needed. On christmas eve, he left his sentry for the first time – Maybe it was the magic of this very christmas night that brought Harro new luck...
Read more about that in the YTJ 40.

Unsere Weihnachtsgeschichte - Der alte Hofhund
Yorkie's and fear – 9 methods to calm them.

A thunderstorm turns yorkie into a trembling bundle of fur that fears things that are just normal. But you should'nt take your »poor«, scared Yorkie in your arms. A lot of Yorkie's are also scared because of childen...
Read more about that in the YTJ 40.

Yorkie's und die Angst - 8 Methoden, ihn zu beruhigen
We must get rid of the dog! – rash decisions concearning allergies.

We find more and more articles in newspapers that deal with apparent or real allergies. In most of the cases, our long hair dogs are said to be guilty and finally it is said: »We must get rid of the dog!« Also some vets pass their judgements without having done the conveniable test...
Read more about that in the YTJ 40.

Der Hund muss weg - Vorschnelles Urteil bei Allergien

Also in the Yorkshire-Terrier-Journal No. 40

In good care.
Sometimes, breeders have to give away a Yorkie. If he finds the right new owner, then it is no problem. In this article, a breeder writes about a good experience...


Rosi and the big disappointment.
At the veterinary school in Hannover / Germany, a very hot bitch was needed to stimulate a male – that's what happened and not more. Rosi got very disappointed...


Ricky's letters.
In his first letter, he writes to his breeder how he likes his new home and what kind of experience he is making there...


The caring Bonny.
Suddenly, Bonny had disappeared. An exciting search operation began. When she has been found, she was laying very close to an dachshund bitch that had just been locked out – her caring instinct made Bonny a runaway...


Heart failure because of chocolate
It's hardly hardly believable but a bigger »dose« of chocolate can be very dangerous, especially for very little dogs....


A sad letter from the dog's paradise.
The letter from a Yorkie that had been abandoned just because he haven't been liked anymore – now he is in the animal's paradise...

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