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Issue No. 42 – What's inside


Colour of hair and texture of the Yorkie

The different colours and the special hair structure are two reasons, why Yorkies are so hard to breed. Due to that fact, there exist Yorkies today, which have hair qualities that usually may not occur. This is the first part of an interesting article on a topic which is for some people difficult to understand – unfortunately even for some breeders…
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Haarfarbe und Textur beim Yorkie
The tick nuisance – 10 methods to get rid of the trouble-makers

The ticks suck blood from anyone they get hold of. Besides, they communicate apart from the terrible tick encephalitis also borreliosis. But there exist some chances to keep those dangerous parasites away or at least to prevent from their »attack«… At which point, one should bring his or her Yorkie to a vet and what one can do if the head of a tick gets stuck…
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Zeckenplage - 10 Methoden sich dieser Plagegeister zu erwehren
The guiding line for the upbringing of your dog (Yorkie)

We, as human beings, are following certain manners of well behaviour. But how is it for our Yorkies? At the moment where the Yorkie gets the better of us, we can forget about all kinds of rules in upbringing. The upbringing starts with the every day care, from which our dogs learn the first crucial rules for their life. If you are not strict enough, it will get too hard for you later on…
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Das kleine 1x1 der Hunde(Yorkie)-Erziehung

Also in the Yorkshire-Terrier-Journal No. 42

The FCI world exhibition of bred dogs in Dortmund
More than 20.000 dogs were announced – among them 136 Yorkies. It was an exhibition of the superlative – 4 days dogs, dogs and only dogs… You will get an impression of such a great show by reading our short report, consulting the result list and by watching the photos of the winner dogs…


That's what was the world exhibition 2003 too – incredible but real!
An employee of an organisation for the prevention of cruelty to animals reports: »We didn't expect it, but what we saw was horrible. Our horror grew when we found a dead Collie… Seldom, the exhibitors were guilty but the visitors who had just left their dog alone in the car on that extreme hot day…«


A thick eye – dental infection of the dog.
All started during the holidays. It looked like an insect had stung the Yorkie at his eye. At the beginning, the first aid treatment with a special ointment helped a lot but later came out, that a tooth was the reason of the swelling. A difficult treatment began…


»Our Yorkshire-Terrier« – the special series!
In the issue no. 19, we finish the part »feeding« and start the new chapter: »How to preserve the health of your dog / illnesses«. Vaccinations, worm cures, prevention of illnesses and much more points that have to be considered for the preservation of your dog's health…

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