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Issue No. 45 – What's inside


Homeopathy for dogs

Until nowadays, the homeopathy is rejected by many supporters of the orthodox medicine, even though it is used successfully to complete traditional treatments. Human beings as well as our dogs can benefit from it. The principle of the homeopathy is a healing treatment with a medication whose specific properties have been tested before on healthy human beings or animals… All essential reserves of the body are summoned and the immune system gets animated to go through the process of developing self-healing power…
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homeopathy for dogs
Your Yorkie is gaining too much weight?

These days, a third of all dogs are suffering from overweight and the Yorkie race does not represent an exception. The reason for such overweight is, in most of the cases, false feeding. For man and animal, this putting too much weight on is not just a flaw, but disturbs he whole well-being. But how to find out, if the four legged friend of the family weighs too much? It's not that difficult: if one cannot feel the dog's ribs when caressing it's thorax, the dog should keep a diet …
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Der Yorkie wird zu rund
Cardiac defect

The story of a wonderful love …
»Pupsi« has been saved by a so-called breeder who did not want to keep her, because of the fact that the little dog suffered from a cardiac defect. Yes, there was even a certain probability that one had to have »Pupsi« put to sleep. But we took her in… One of »Pupsi's« friends was a tough boxer bitch, and after some time, even »Pupsi« thought that she was a boxer. Imagine, »Pupsi« as a young animal with less than one and a half kilograms of weight and strongly threatening, running after a jogger, who started laughing till he cried… It had been a wonderful time with »Pupsi«, but it was bound happen…
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Married couples that are living with pets, live more intensively
The life of almost all married couples that hold a dog would be less worth living, if they wouldn't share it with their pet. Such a four legged friend enriches every togetherness and especially during marital rows, the lovely dog shows his peacemaking role …


New York! New York!
Annually, in the centre of New York, the famous »Big Apple«, many Yorkie lovers from all over the world are coming together. It is a social event, during which a team of judges has to value approximately 230 registered Yorkshire terriers. Miss Marion Bugenings has been invited to make part of this team of judges - in the new Yorkshire Terrier Journal, she reports from this interesting event that is lasting several days …


That is your dog! – Not mine!
»Well«, said my husband, »I'll buy you a Yorkie«. But we have clear agreements, you alone have to take care of him – it's your dog … That's how »Benny« came to live with us; my husband stayed stubborn and didn't deign to look at the little dog … One evening, I came home late and it seemed very strange to me, that »Benny« didn't welcome me the way he used to – joyfully and with a huge happiness …


The limits of the race standard
We must appreciate the fact, that an according to his race standard breeded Yorkie is a healthy dog without any abnormality. In this article, Mister Uwe Fischer, president of the VDH, criticizes the guidelines of other race standards, who are often detrimental to the dog's health…

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