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From the turn of the century till today

Ben's offspring developed gradually into the Yorkshire Terrier we known today. In the early years it was important to breeders (those who were experts in this matter) that no signs of abnormal dwarfism appeared. The Yorkshire Terrier never became a fashionable pet at court because high society ladies mostly preferred dogs with very short muzzles and big round eyes - this was to the Yorkshire Terrier's advantage. It was not until the 1960s that more and more prominent people, especially glamourous film stars, were accompanied by a Yorkshire Terrier.

Already in 1910 the first specimen was to be seen in the German-speaking area. They were called "Halifax Terriers" in the dog books. The appearance of the Yorkshire Terrier from that time till today has changed only imperceptibly. Only the v-shaped ears, formerly often hung down, became erect as a result of strictly selective breeding programs. This gives the Yorkshire Terrier his bright, appealing expression.

Lithography at 1890

Also the breed's standard, which every breeder should know and understand before he starts breeding, hardly changed in the course of the years. The standard has been changed but a few times in the Yorkie's country of origin, and this in only a few passages, to reflect new knowledge in matters of canine health.

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